Message from the Representative Director

Message from the representative Director

Asahiko YAMAKI(a professor emeritus at Naruto University of Education)

The activities of the Association of Art Education(Bijutuka-Kyoiku-Gakkai) are  wide-ranging; however, two essential activities are at its core. The most important activity is the publication of the academic journal, Journal for the Association of Art Education (Bijutukyoikugaku), which consists of  high-quality articles. All proposed research papers are peer-reviewed, and only those manuscripts  which accurately respond to revision requests and suggestions are accepted. All the accepted manuscripts are written in a scholarly format and are scrutinized by the editorial board members. 

The other essential academic activity is an annual research conference, held in March every year. About 60 to 80 presentations are given at the conference, which are all based on meaningful and constructive studies. Each presentation concludes with an informative discussion.

Through a strong, organic relationship with these publications and conventions, several projects have been created and maintained. There are seven "Research Groups" which focus on specialized themes: the Lesson Study on Art Education, the Art Education for Infants and Young Children, the Study on the Curriculum of Art Education, the History of Art Education, Handwork and Craft Education, Inclusive Art Education Research, and the Expanded Fundamental Structure and Possibilities of Art Education.

Small research meetings are held three or four times a year in various places around Japan and they combine symposiums and research presentations. The research meetings are called the "Research Forum," which indicates a meeting for research purposes. All members interested in contemporary themes for developing their research are entitled to organize a meeting. The reports on the results of these meetings are compiled and made available to the public through this website.

Our newsletter for the Association of Art Education contains a significant amount of useful information on the procedure for submitting papers related to the Journal for the Association of Art Education, the outline of annual research conferences and the reports from the Research Groups.

All the newsletters from the past up to the present have been reformatted as PDF files and stored in an archive. All of our newsletters are accessible to anyone who wants to read them on our website. The archive can also be used as a resource which enables anyone to find out about the history and the development of the Association.

The Association honors those who contribute prominently to the progress of visual arts education research and presents them with awards such as the Association of Art Education Award and the Association of Art Education Incentive Award. 
Our current Board is the 9th Board of the Association, and we are committed to creating trust through transparency in all our activities. We would like to make the Association of Art Education open to anyone who wishes to pursue research in art education and those who wish to improve their educational practice. Thus, we would like the Association to be truly open to society.

As we accept a wide range of research trends which contribute to refining the educational practice of art education and the production of high-quality research results, we endeavor to play an important part in the humanities and social sciences.